AMA Recap: Diversity Ventures X Tap Fantasy

On January 4, 2022, we had a chance to welcome Robert – CMO & Co-Founder Tap Fantasy to join an AMA to share with us information about the roadmap and features of Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy is a free to play MMORPG on the blockchain.There are over 200 roles with NFT skins in the game.Players can freely explore in the open world and play to earn. They can also create Club in game and build their own metaverse!

In order to help our community get more understand about Tap Fantasy as well as the information about the roadmap and features of Tap Fantasy in 2022 and in the near future, Diversity Ventures has organized an AMA with Robert – CMO & Co-Founder Tap Fantasy

Time: 21:00 UTC+7 |04/1/2022

🏘 Địa điểm: Diversity Ventures Group

🗣 Hosted by: Ngọc Nguyen – CMO Diversity Ventures

👥 Guest: Robert – CMO & Co-Founder Tap Fantasy

💵 Reward: $200

Below are the main points of this AMA session:


Today I’m very happy to introduce you guys to the GameFi Tap Fantasy by AMA. Joining with me is @Robert_TapFantasy – CMO & Co-Founder of Tap Fantasy

Host: Hi Robert, are you ready to talk about today’s project with the Diversity community?

Robert: Hi Ngoc, Hello everyone, this is Robert from Tap Fantasy team.

Host: And now, Let’s start the AMA with the first question. Can you please tell me a simple description about Tap Fantasy?

Robert: TAP FANTASY METAVERSE is the Metaverse version of the well-known MMORPG TAPTAP FANTASY, which has been recommended by Facebook and accumulated more than 20 million users with more than 1 million DAU worldwide.

Tap Fantasy as a GameFi + Metaverse product that will be launched in early January 2022, it has both AXIE’s PLAY TO EARN module and Roblox’s DESIGN TO EARN developer module.

Host: Listening to you introduce Tap Fantasy, I really hope this will be a unique long-distance project, helping investors can play and earn money in game.

And I have looked through your website. I feel that the game’s visuals and effects are really great. So can you describe to the community how the game is played and what makes it special?

Robert: This project is developed based on H5 technology, which means players can click to play with no download required and can be perfectly embedded in the wallets, exchanges, and social media Apps.

Third-party game developers can create and design gameplay modules through our Code-Free Map Editor. Meanwhile, players can consume tokens in these third-party gameplay modules, and designers can get corresponding revenue commissions.

After several years of accumulation, we now have more than 200 ACG characters, plus our partners in Japan also have plenty of animation resources to join the world of the Metaverse.

Host: Your answer is amazing with the information we are looking. Ooh, the Tap Fantasy is the highlighted game project in the market

Can I ask: What are the benefits of holding your token as a long-term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long run?

Robert: Thank you.

First of all, the token for TAP FANTASY is TAP Token, with a total circulation of 1 billion.

If you focus too much on short-term gains, you will miss a lot of opportunities to see the true nature of a product.

Meanwhile, TAP Token is the top reward in the game, not only you can trade it in exchanges, you can also use it to upgrade your NFT skins, purchase NFT lands and simply build buildings.

Host: It’s interesting! According to the future development plan, what steps will Tap Fantasy take in 2022? Can you talk about the Roadmap of Tap Fantasy?


In early January, the NFT skins pre-sale, Genesis game season, IGO and most importantly, the game will be launched.

Multi-chain system, social system, cross-chain maps, and arena will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

The land system will be launched on the second quarter. Code-free map editor and TAP Ecological Foundation will be launched in the second half of 2022.

Host: Great, now I’m very eager to join the game. And Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Robert: There are a large number of GameFi users in South East Asia. Which means we will invest more time and resources in the SEA market.

Meanwhile, we also hope to attract some SEA volunteers to join, build and manage the community together.

In the end, we will add more playability expansion to the game and cooperate with more communities to bring TAP FANTASY to more users.


Host: I noticed the Tap Fantasy project gets asked a lot on twitter. I will choose the 5 most asked questions for you to answer

Question 1 is: What is the main focus of the development team right now, will you guys focus on community or product quality?

Robert: Whether the product or the community, none of them can be built overnight.

This means product and communities are complementary. Without the product, what does the community rely on to attract and retain users? Without a community, can a product’s promotion and user retention entirely dependent on advertising?

Host: Thank you so much for the answer, so can you describe more about the “money” in the game, and the rewards too. How to use them?

Robert: TAP FANTASY’s economic model uses three types of tokens. TAP TOKEN, MC TOKEN and Gold Coin.

The role of the TAP TOKEN is mainly as a top reward in the game and an important item for upgrading NFT cards to increase players’ CE.

MC is a Token produced in the game’s treasure area. It is similar to Axie’s SLP. And it is also an important item for upgrading NFT to increase players’ CE.

GOLD is a stable coin in the game, which can be obtained by exchange USDT. 1 USDT: 10 GOLD for in-game trading market’s token circulation.

Host: Woww

What a complete and wonderful project!

So, In order for the community to have the best game experience. Can you tell us: Does NFT Skin have any other features, besides beauty and personal branding?

Robert: Right now, we have over 200 NFT skins with fabulous paintings, 3D models, and dubbing by well-known Japanese voice actors.

And the NFT skins are divided into R, SR and SSR. The rare the skin, the higher the power or combat effectiveness.

Host: And now, investors are also very interested about: What’s the up coming event?

Robert: We will be launching IGO and the NFT skins pre-sale in early January, and everyone is welcome to participate!

Host: Currently, on the market, there are many gamefi now

So what is the differentiating feature in your project that the previous products on the market did not have?

Robert: We think there are 4 highlights for Tap Fantasy:

1. HTML5 client-free technology + TensorFlow AI recommendation algorithm.

2. Building an ACG ecological community by players and developers through Code-Free Map Editor and NFT mint tools.

3. Free to Play allows more traditional players to participate in the Metaverse.

4. Combining both Play to Earn and Design to Earn modules. The more choices players can have, the more stable the entire ecology is.


Thank you so much for answering my questions so enthusiastically!

And now we’re on to the final part of today: 5 questions from users of Diversity Community. We will “UNMUTE” group with in 2 minutes or until we feel enough question, please pick 5 best questions…

Question 1: Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

Robert: TAP FANTASY will launch on BSC first, and will be deployed on the mainstream public chain based on operating status, and will simultaneously open the corresponding server for players to enter.

Meanwhile, it will also open cross-server instances and cross-server arenas so that players on different public chains can experience cross-server PVE and cross-server PVP.

Question 2: Nowadays in-game Economy is a major part of play-to-earn, How TAP FANTASTY optimizes for all scenarios like when the number of players increases, or hours of play increase, Can you tell us more about how you would optimize this for all scenarios for create the best gaming experience and also the token value keeps increasing. but still affordable for users to play?

Robert: First of all, players and developers can create and design gameplay modules through the Code-Free Map Editor.

The tokens that players consumed in these third-party gameplay modules, developers and designers can get a revenue commission.

Excellent game developers will receive supports from the TAP Ecological Fund. Players can also upload their own designed NFT profile images, wallpapers, and skins to create an ACG fandom community.

Question 3: Nowadays, it seem like Metaverse, Web3 or Gamefi get the most attention from investors, what do you think? What can you do to attract the investors?

Robert: Right now there are only about 20 GAMEFI chain games that have been launched overseas. AXIE Infinity has exceeded 35 billion U.S. dollars. Roblox has reached 72 billion U.S. dollars, making it the world most valuable gaming company.

As a GAMEFI + Metaverse product, Tap Fantasy Metaverse will be launched in December this year, it has both AXIE’s PLAY TO EARN module and Roblox’s DESIGN TO EARN developer module.

Question 4: I was studying your governance model and I discovered that users can TRANSFER their VOTING RIGHT. Why do you allow delegated and transferred voting? How will you ensure this will not be done indiscriminately to manipulate decision in favour of certain interest???

Robert: The governance module of TAP FANTASY is divided into governance modules for overall game parameter setting, marketplace transactions and NFT issuance.

The setting of the overall parameters of the game will affect whether the game can develop steadily and sustainably. In the early stage, professionals in the team will control the game balance, item output, and token output. The community provides reference opinions and alternative plans, and the community votes to decide which plan to adopt.

Question 5: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

Robert: We attach great importance to the support and attitude of the community. We will conduct online communication with telegraph and community users in discord.

Next, we will launch a series of activities for the community, such as white list collection and airdrop.

Please join our community for specific time and pay attention to the follow-up announcement.

Host: Thank you!

And we finished all the question today.

Well done guys! I know we still have a lot of things to discuss, but I am so sorry to say that the time of AMA today is over

I hope the AMA has shared useful and interesting information with all of you. And hope to see all of you in Tap Fantasy

Alright, so thank you, everyone, very much and thank you @Robert_TapFantasy being here today

And always stay tuned for new information from us, we would like you to join us on our social network

Robert: Thank you for having me!

Host: Do not forget!

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